• Published: Jun 11th, 2010
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TPN Rock: The Friday Rock Show #166

DOWNLOAD the podcast by right clicking on this link (MP3 20.4 mb 22 minutes 8 seconds)

Forget the World Cup for a moment, I know it will be difficult for the next month, but do try, because there’s a treasure trove of music here for you to take away, with no penalty shoot out to upset you.

TPN Rock: The Friday Rock Show #166

Tonight, by Halifax (Halifax on MySpace)
Turning Tricks, by The Experiments (www.theexperiments.com)
Miss You, by Brian Molnar and the Naked Hearts (Brian Molnar on MySpace)
Dead Pony, by Nico Stai (Nico Stai on MySpace)
Doesn’t Matter Anyway, by The Kut (www.thekut.co.uk)

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  • Published: Jun 4th, 2010
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TPN Rock: The Eurovision Rock-Tac-ular 2010

DOWNLOAD the podcast by right clicking on this link (MP3 21.1 mb 22 minutes 51 seconds)

Back from Oslo, and in all the rush I missed doing a show last week – I blame the public clamour for more Unofficial Eurovision Podcasts after it hit the front page of iTunes, but hey, time for the best of European Rock!

TPN Rock: The Euro Rock-Tacular 2010
American Paranoia, by The Junktones (The Junktones on MySpace)
Seasons Change, by The March of Dimes (March of Dimes on MySpace)
Searching For Love Again, by Fanisatt (Fanisatt on Soundclick)
To Kill The Dragon, by Nanowar (Nanowar on MySpace)
Thunder, by Alinian (www.alinian.ro)

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