• Published: Jan 4th, 2011
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The Rock Show Revue of 2010

Now that 2011 is here, I have a rather large headache (hey, I am Scottish, some cliches are true). So rather than face the inbox of “play us, we’re great!” I’m going to take an hour to look back over the music and events that made The Rock Show’s 2010 a great year.

And while that’s playing, you can join the inbox with your suggestions, nominations and samplers by sending your mail to ewan@thepodcastcorner.com.

The Rock Show’s Revue of 2010

Come All ye Faithful, by Geoff Smith (www.thegeoffsmith.com).
Lay Down Papa, by Uncle Seth (Uncle Seth on MySpace).
Nothing Like You, by Frightened Rabbit (www.wearefrightenedrabbit.com).
Heads Up, Hearts Down, by I Fight Dragons (www.ifightdragons.com).
Black Crow, by Trubador
Always and Forever, by Black Velvet Elvis (Black Velvet Elvis on MySpace).
Tonight, by Halifax (Halifax on MySpace).
Brooklyn, by King Hell (www.kinghellmetal.com).
Numb, by Fated Nation (Fated Nation on MySpace).
Rich Girl, by Rachael Sage (www.rachaelsage.com).
Warpaint, by The Loaded Dice (www.theloadeddice.co.uk).
La Vie Sans Toi, by Ceili Moss (www.ceilimoss.be).

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