• Published: Feb 25th, 2011
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The Friday Rock Show #184

It’s been a while but time for the first full Friday Rock show of 2011, and it’s a good one, with a lot of temp changes and genre spanning. Also, if you’re a band going to SXSW, like James Vincent McMurrow in this week’s show, then feel free to get in touch as The Rock Show will have a number of SXSW specials and I’d love to feature you.

The Friday Rock Show #184

Call My Bluff, by Slow Burning Car (Slow Burning Car on MySpace).
If I Had a Boat, by James Vincent McMurrow (James Vincent McMurrow on MySpace).
Liars and Thieves, by The 1-10’s (www.theonethroughtens.com).
Storymaker, by That Was Then (www.thatwasthenmusic.com).
Forever Unseen, by Of Wrath And Ruin (www.ofwrathandruin.com).

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  1. Airplay: download “The Friday Rock Show” featuring our track Call My Bluff « Slow Burning Car
    on Mar 4th, 2011
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    […] “The Friday Rock Show” featuring our track Call My Bluff Posted 03 Mar 2011 in News The Friday Rock Show #184 « The Rock Show rock.thepodcastcorner.com Featuring Slow Burning Car’s “Call My Bluff Posted by […]

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