• Published: Jul 22nd, 2011
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The Friday Rock Show #200

And so the counter ticks over and the two hundredth Friday Rock Show is here. It’s not the 200th show overall, once you throw in all the Sessions, Rock Again’s, guest hosts and Rocktacular Specials, but it does make for (a) a nice round number and (b) a good point for a little reflection of more than five years of Rock Shows.

Which means no ‘new’ music in this week’s show. I’ve plundered my memories, the back catalogue, the sing-along’s, the songs that mean something, and more. if you want a show that sums up the Rock Show so far… this is it.

Enjoy, and here’s to the next couple of hundred!

The Friday Rock Show #200

Everything You Need, by Liquid Carousel (Liquid Carousel on MySpace).
Whip ’em Hard, Whip ’em Good, by The Flare Up (The Flare Up on MySpace).
If You Want Me To, by Magdalene (www.magdalenerocks.com).
Ricochet, by Rattlebus (www.rattlebus.co.uk).
Rock Angel, by Stone Lake (www.stonelake.se) .
October 14th, by The Loaded Dice ft Lily Green (www.theloadeddice.co.uk).
Our Home, by The Martians (www.themartians.co.uk). 
All Over Again, by Locksley (www.locksley.com).
Imagine World Peace, by Belladonna (www.belladonna.tv).
When the Bombs Come, by Mike Borgia (www.mikeborgia.com).
Bleed, by The Revolutions (Missing in action).

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