• Published: Jul 29th, 2011
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The Friday Rock Show #201

Onwards with the next 200 Friday shows (and countless specials, sessions and rock-tac-ulars).

It’s quite an aggressive set of five tunes this week, with off tempo beats, the return of 80’s hair, some synth, popular covers and returning bands, but it should appeal to your ears – and if you can improve it with a suggestion of a band (or are in a band yourself) then suggest away on this page!

The Friday Rock Show #201

2012, by Young Circles (www.youngcircles.com).
Metal Child, by R.U.S.T. (R.U.S.T. on MySpace).
New Rose Cover, by Zombie Met Girl (Zombie Met Girl on MySpace).
Nobody, By Egon (www.somojo.net/egon).
There There, by Evaline (Evaline on Tumblr).

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