• Published: Oct 14th, 2011
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The Friday Rock Show, October 14th

Time for another Deacdes Show, where I look back on shows #201 through #209 to pick out the artists that have caught the imagination of you and I, be it through emails and tweets, play counts in iTunes, and how often I catch myself the chorus of their first song. Can they capture the magic with a second song?

Of course they can!

The Friday Rock Show #210 – Decade Special

Gamla Stan, by Shibuya Crossings (www.shibuyacrossings.com).
Hold That Thought, by Shlomo (shlo.co.uk).
Sucker Punch Town, by Dodd Ferrelle (www.doddferrelle.com).
Someone Else, by Annie Stevenson (Annie Stevenson on MySpace).
The Navigation Song, by March of Dimes (www.marchofdimesmusic.com).

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