• Published: Nov 11th, 2011
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The Friday Rock Show, November 11th

Back from three weeks of travel (Edinburgh, Orlando, Edinburgh, London, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, and then home) and it’s a welcome return to the big comfy speaker stack of power that is the Rock show studio for a slightly more aggressive line-up than normal.  Just try not to get caught speeding when you listen, okay?

The Friday Rock Show #211 – Back from BlogWorld

Ride The Peril, by The Taletellers (www.taletellers.de).
Break Me, by Alexx Calisle (www.alexxcalise.net).
Story Why, by Ayescobe (www.ayscobe.de).
Local Superhero, by Window Seats (windowseatsofficial.com).
That Ain’t Right, by Pyyramids (www.pyyramids.com).

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