• Published: Dec 23rd, 2011
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The Christmas Rocktacular 2011

As the holidays start, there’s time for one more Rock Show, and it’s our Annual Rocktacular to celebrate the holidays with the best podsafe festive music. Running to almost an hour, it’s the perfect accompaniment to wrapping presents, settling in with an egg-nog, or getting ready for one last party.

Put simply, "it’s Chrriiissssmmaaaaaasssssssss!!!"

The Christmas Rocktacular 2011

Rock for Christmas, featuring Ira Black, Ron Keel & Terry Ilous (courtesy of IODA).
Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home), by Chad Brownlee (www.chadbrownlee.com).
Please Don’t Wish Me A Merry Christmas, by Mind Map That (www.mindmapthat.com).
Christmas Wrap, Jacky Wood (www.jackywood.com).
The Greatest Christmas Song Ever, by American Heartbreak (www.americanheartbreak.com).
Give Me All Your Love at Christmas Time, by Nick Bukuvalas (www.nickrocks.com).
Celtic Christmas Elf Conscription Song by Marc Gun (courtesy of FuMP).
Santa’s Last Stop, by David Calahan (www.davidcahalan.com).
Feel the Love of Christmas, by B. E. Taylor (courtesy of IODA).
Silent Night, by Shauna Burns (www.shaunaburns.com).
Some Christmas Huggin’ and Kissin’, by Geoff Smith (www.thegeoffsmith.com).

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