• Published: Mar 23rd, 2012
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The Friday Rock Show, 23rd March

Back from SXSW, with a stack of music a mile high (or whatever the modern cliché is for a lot of ripped CD’s and MP3 files to go through). Anyway, it might have an Austin tinge to it, but we’re still going to cover the 3 U’s of Rock – unknown, unmistakeable, and unforgettable.

The Friday Rock Show, 23rd March

Because of the Shame, by Against Me (www.againstme.net).
War Again, by Balkan Beat Box (www.balkanbeatbox.com).
Mexico, by Jonquil (Jonquil on MySpace).
The One and Only, by Marianne Dissard (www.mariannedissard.com).
Empathy, by Chasing Kings (www.chasingkings.com).

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