About The Rock Show

Ewan Spence’s Rock Show is a roughly weekly new music podcast, featuring the best in music from around the world. Of course that definition of ‘rock music’ is up to me, and be warned my tastes are wide. If it excites me, then it gets played, no matter the label!

Spence’s first Rock Show went live in March 2005, and as one of the first wave of music podcasts (including Coverville, Accident Mash and the Tartan Podcast) played a strong role in establishing podcasting as a new medium. The Rock Show continues to gather critical and popular support from around the world.

All the music played is with the permission of the artist, either directly from them, or via podsafe music sites such as the Podsafe Music Network (PMN). If you feel that a track has been played in error, please get in touch directly with myself (ewanspence@gmail.com) to get it sorted out quickly.

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